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Microscopy Production & Sales

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List of Producers and Vendors
Listed in the alphabetical order.


  • 4pi Analysis, Durham, (NC, USA) 4pi sells energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy systems, components, and software and digital imaging systems for electron microscopes.



  • Advanced Laboratory Solutions, Northriding Randburg, (South Africa) ALS prides itself on restricting its sphere of activities to a complimentary range of products servicing the advanced materials testing field.

  • Advanced Surface Microscopy, Inc., Indianapolis, (IN, USA) Helping solve processing and materials problems using Scanning Probe and Atomic Force Microscopy since 1990. Advanced Surface Microscopy buys, refurbishes, sells and installs used (second-hand) NanoScope/Veeco/Digital Instruments AFMs. It provides analytical services, nanometer-scale calibration specimens, probe tips, high accuracy measurement software, and training.

  • Advanced Technology Center Moscow, (Russian Federation) The manufacturer of a budget Scanning probe microscope FemtoScan since 1990. FemtoScan Online Software for image processing analysis.

  • AG Electro-Optics, Tarporley, (Cheshire, UK) The product range includes Passive Components, Optical Test & Measurement, Active Components, Laser Diode Control, Installation Products, Lasers, Optics, Light and Colour Measurement, Metrology and 3D Laser Scanning.

  • Agar Scientific, Stansted, (UK) Supplier of consumable equipment for the electron microscope user. Extensive 300 page catalogue available upon request.

  • Alicona Imaging, Grambach, (Austria) Outstanding solutions for industrial machine vision (camera systems, software, handling of components and data processing).

  • Allied High Tech Products, Rancho Dominguez, (CA, USA) Supplier of Zeiss inspection and stereozoom microscopes, digital imaging systems, Micro/Rockwell Hardness Testers, SEM/TEM/STEM mounting supplies, Metallographic polishing equipment and supplies. They also sell consumables for most metallographic equipment including Buehler, Struers and Leco.

  • Applied NanoStructures Inc., Mountian View, (California, USA) Manufacture & sales of Probes and accessories for Scanning Probe Microscopy

  • AnaSpec, San Jose, (California, USA) Manufacturer of peptides, antibodies, synthesis resins and reagents for life science research worldwide. Products and services that meet the most stringent expectations for quality, delivery time, and technical support.

  • Anaspec South Africa, Johannesburg, (South Africa) Technical support to users and suppliers of microscopy related equipment, locally and internationally.

  • Andor Technology, Belfast, (Northern Ireland) Manufactures CCD and Intensified CCD (ICCD) cameras for scientific imaging. Andor's products are suited to a broad range of imaging applications including microscopy, drug discovery, gene analysis and forensic science.

  • Anton Paar, Graz, (Austria) Microhardness testing.

  • Applied Kilovolts, Portslade, (West Sussex, UK) Manufacturer of precision high voltage & high stability power supply modules. Dedicated to the design and production of high voltage power supply modules for electron microsopes, mass spectrometers, electron guns, PMT, X-ray systems, micro channel plates & electrostatic lenses in the range 1 kV to 60 kV.

  • Aquinto, Berlin, (Germany) Digital image analysis and archiving.

  • Arctec Technologies Inc., Montreal, (Quebec, Canada) Image Analysis Hardware & Software.

  • Arrandee, Werther, (Germany) Precious metal coated substrates for Scanning Probe Microscopy.

  • Asylum Research, Santa Barbara, (CA, USA) Dedicated to Innovative Instrumentation for Nanotechnology and Science.

  • Atomic Force F&E GmbH, Mannheim, (Germany) Distributor of surface investigation techniques and instruments - MFP molecular force probe, plasmacleaners and ion mills for TEM specimen preparation, surface profilers, sharpest cantilevers for scanning probe microscopy, electronic Q-control of vibrating AFM probes, ..

  • ATOS GmbH, Pfungstadt, (Germany) Applied technical and optical systems - AFM/SNOM, white light interferometer, profiler/roughness tester, confocal microscope, nanoindenter, ..



  • BAL-TEC AG, Balzers, (Principality of Liechtenstein) Products for EM preparation of biological specimens, ion milling system for EM preparation of solid materials, thin film coating systems, ..

  • Bertan High Voltage, Hicksville, (NY, USA) Manufacturer of power supplies for nearly all applications (scanning electron microscopes, E-Beam, I-Beam, medical instrumentation, x-ray analysis, biochemistry instrumentation, nuclear instrumentation, ...)

  • Binder Labortechnik, Hebertshausen, (Germany) Accessories for electron microscopy.

  • Bio-Microtech Inc., Bolton (Ontario, Canada) Extreme resolution light microscopes, test slides, and accessories. Test slides for semi-conductor, biology, medicine, metallurgy, and forensic roscopy with light, confocal, or scanning electron microscopes.

  • Bioptechs Butler, (PA, USA) - Live Cell Environmental Control Systems. Bioptechs is an innovative American optical engineering company that designs, develops and manufacturers live-cell microscopy environmental control instrumentation for qualitative and or quantitative light microscopy.

  • BIO-RAD Cell Science Division, (USA) Centre for Laser Scanning Microscopy. Dedicated to enhancing cell analysis with innovative laser imaging and processing systems.

  • BIO-RAD Microscopy Division, (USA) Manufacturer of laser scanning microscopy, cell isolation and laser processing systems. A range of confocal and multi-photon systems are available to suit all applications areas.

  • Bio-Synthesis, Inc., Lewisville, (TX, USA) Manufacturer of peptides, antibodies, peptide nucleic conjugate, custom organic synthesis for life science research worldwide.
    • Paternity - a discreet DNA paternity testing division of Bio-Synthesis Inc., a provider of DNA, DNA paternity testing, and all other familial relaionship testing services.
    • Identity Testing - a DNA testing division of Bio-Synthesis, Inc. It provides DNA paternity and other DNA identity tests using the most current techniques and advanced equipment.

  • BOC Sciences, Shirley, (NY, USA) Supplier of chemicals for research use with protocols and technical information

  • Boeckeler Instruments, Inc., Tucson, (Arizona, USA) Manufacturer of sample preparation, precision video measuring devices for the industrial, biomedical, and presentation markets.

  • Brookhaven Instruments, Redditch, (Worcestershire, UK) Authorised distributor for the full range of Duke Scientific microspheres, particle size standards and flow cytometry products and Brookhaven Instruments Corporation's particle and polymer characterization instruments.

  • Bruker AXS (Germany) Manufacturer of analytical X-ray systems for elemental analysis, materials research and structural investigations.
    • Bruker AXS Microanalysis (formerly RÖNTEC and PGT), (Germany) Manufacturer of microanalysis solutions, such as X-ray systems for microanalysis (EDS), x-ray fluorescence elemental analysis (XRF) and structure analysis (XRD), including the XFlash Silicon Drift Detector for liquid nitrogen-free, vibration-free and worry-free EDS.

  • Burle Industries, Inc, (USA) Electron Generator Arrays, Glass Products, Imaging Devices, Photomultipliers, High Voltage Power Supplies, Power Tubes, Scientific Detectors, ..



  • Cambridge Technology Systems, Cambridge, (UK) Specialises in system design and installation of optical, video and digital microscopy instrumentation. We also represent other manufacturers in related areas including energy dispersive microanalysis.

  • CamScan Electron Optics, Cambs, (UK) Dedicated to giving the end user all the benefits of a custom designed microscope.

  • Capovani Brothers Inc., Scotia, (NY, USA) Buyer, refurbisher and seller of a wide variety of scientific equipment that includes all types of inspection equipment, stereozoom, transmitted and reflected light microscopes, SEMs and accessories.

  • Carl Zeiss, (Germany) Light Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy, Microscopes for the Microelectronics Industry, ...

  • Carl Zeiss SMZ - Nano Technology Systems Division Oberkochen, (Germany) Developer, manufacturer and supplier of SEMs, FESEMs, EFTEMs and FIB system to the global nanotechnology community. All Zeiss EM systems incorporate unique and leading-edge technology, like the GEMINI column for the FESEM systems, the In-column OMEGA energy filter for the EFTEMS and the award winning CrossBeam FIB system.

  • CETR Campbell, (CA, USA) Specialist in making test instruments to measure mechanical and tribological properties. It can do Scratch Adhesion, Tribometer Wear, Thickness Measurements, Indentation Hardness, Imaging all on same platform.

  • Clemex Technologies Inc., Longueuil, (QC, USA) provides digital imaging solutions for the acquisition, archiving and analysis of images used in quality control and research laboratories.

  • ColVisTec Berlin - Adlershof, (Germany) Company works with the world's leading manufacturers in the paint, pharmaceutical, plastics, and chemical industries. It supports these industries with the reliable and industry-ready inline UV-Vis spectroscopy-based hardware & software solutions. It was founded in 2009 and is now co-funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union.

  • Cressington Scientific Instruments Inc., Cranberry Twp., (PA, USA) Vacuum coating techniques for research, electron microscopy and product development.

  • Crytur, Turnov (Czech Republic) Manufacturer of scintillation materials and detectors.

  • CSM Instruments, Peseux (Switzerland) Scratch Adhesion, Tribometer Wear, Thickness Measurements, Indentation Hardness, Imaging.



  • DataCell, Finchampstead, (Berks., UK) Supplier of image analysis solutions for the scientific community.

  • Deben, Stowmarket Suffolk (UK) The Electron Microscope accessory.

  • Delaware Diamond Knives, Wilmington, (Delaware, USA) Diamond knives for ultramicrotomy, diamond scalpels for ophthalmic surgery, specimen preparation products for light microscopy and electron microscopy, tungsten carbide knives for undecalcified bone histology, sapphire knives for neuroscience sectioning, CVD diamond parts and components, precision single point diamond tools, fiber optic cleavers, diamond milling tools ..

  • Delong Instruments, Brno (Czech Republic) Focused on instruments using particle optics and X-rays for microscopic and microanalytic studies, i.e. electron microscopes, aberration correctors, special electron guns, systems for focusing and monochromatisation of synchrotron radiation (X-rays beam lines), special X-rays sources, neutron cancer-therapeutic systems, vacuum and UHV chambers, manipulators, construction elements, etc.

  • Denton Vacuum Moorestown, (NJ, USA) World-class manufacturers of a full range of vacuum systems for sample preparation applications.

  • Diagnostic Instruments, Inc., Burroughs St. Sterling Heights, (MI, USA) Digital cameras for microscopy, camera couplers, microscope support stands, and transmitted light bases.

  • Diatome, Biel, (Switzerland) Diamond knives for ultramicrotomy.

  • Digital Instruments, Santa Barbara (CA, USA) Scanning Probe Microscopy.

  • DITABIS Pforzheim, (Germany) High-quality digital image recording using imaging plate technology. System provides all applications in electron microscopy for all TEMs.

  • Doitplenoptic, Paterna, (Valencia, Spain) 3D Lightfield Microscopy, portable 3D microscope add-on (DOIT 3D Micro eyepiece), which transform your optical microscope into a 3D digital microscope for real-time 3D imaging.

  • Drukker International, Cuijk, (The Netherlands ) Producer and marketer of high-tech products using diamond.

  • DVC Company, San Diego (CA, USA) Digital Video Cameras "DigitEyes" real-time, monochrome CCD cameras bringing high sensitivity & 10 Bit precision to image processing applications.



  • E.A. Fischione Instruments, Inc., Export, (PA, USA) Are to continue to serve the electron microscopy community by providing innovative instrumentation to meet existing needs as well as the requirements of emerging technologies. These goals, coupled with EAF's reputation of supplying high-quality electron microscopy products and services.

  • E.L.I. sprl, Charleroi, (Belgium) Designer of the Orion high resolution grabbing system and the Saturn active drive board for SEMs.

  • EDAX, Mahwah, (NJ, USA) Energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence and electron backscatter diffraction instrumentation.

  • ElectroImage, Lake Success, (NY, USA) Distributor of the Ditabis micron image storage plate digital image system for TEM's.

  • Electro-Optical Systems, Phoenixville, (PA, USA) Manufacturer of photodetector/photodiode components, detector subassemblies and custom instrumentation covering the complete UV/vis - 40 micron spectral region.

  • Electron Microscopy Sciences, Fort Washington, (PA, USA) Manufacturing, preparation, and distribution of only the highest quality chemicals, supplies, and equipment, for microscopy, and all of its related fields.

  • Electron Tubes, Ruislip, (UK) Involved in the development and marketing of Photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) and other light sensing devices since the 1930s, originally as part of EMI Electronics and then as Thorn EMI Electron Tubes. In 1994 the company directors effected a buy-out of Electron Tubes from Thorn EMI thus creating Electron Tubes Limited and Electron Tubes Inc.

  • Emispec Systems, Tempe, (AZ , USA) Software integration systems for scientific instrumentation (originally produced for the electron microscopy community). The software is capable of interfacing to a variety of analytical instruments, sensors and data analysis systems. In addition to integrating one single instrument with a variety of detectors, entire facilities and laboratory systems can be integrated by one software platform.

  • Emitech LTD, Ashford, (Kent, UK) World leading supplier of Inovative, high quality equipment for all aspects of EM specimen preparation. Emitech specialises in equipment for the Microelectronics and MEMS industry.

  • EMS, Fort Washington, (PA, USA) Chemicals, supplies, accessories, and equipment for electron and light microscopy.

  • Energy Beam Sciences, Inc. East Granby, (CT, USA) Microscopy, Histology and E-Beam products

  • EO Elektronen Optik Service, GmbH, Dortmund, (Germany) Service and sale of SEM, videocomponents, EDX and WDX spectrometer, ..

  • Euromex Microscopes, Arnhem, (The Netherlands) Supplies microscopes, stereomicroscopes, cameras and accessories, microtomes, cold light illuminators, refractometers and polarimeters.

  • Evex, Inc., Princeton, (NJ, USA) Manufactures sensors and sensor systems for NanoTech and Homeland Defense. These systems are essential for the elemental identification and imaging of nano-materials and subatomic particles in fractions of a second. The systems manufactured include components such as spectrometers, electronics and software to identify material based on the atomic and subatomic composition.

  • EXAKT Technologies, Inc., Oklahoma City, (OK, USA) Supplier of specialized sample preparation equipment. EXAKT equipment is manufactured in Germany and sold around the world. Much of the equipment is used in biomaterials research (sample preparation when multiple materials are present) and dispersion research (Three Roll Mills) in mulitple industries including electronics, inks, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.



  • FEI, Manufacturer of ion (FIB), electron (SEM, ESEM, TEM) and DualBeam (FIB/SEM) systems for imaging and microanalysis which are marketed under the FEI and Philips brand names.
    • FEI - Beam Technology Division Hillsboro, (OR, USA) Business unit of FEI Company, is the leading supplier of products based on advanced field, Schottky and thermionic emission technologies to the world's major microscopy and analytical systems manufacturers

  • Fisher Scientific, Laboratory equipment and research chemicals. Present in 145 countries, with offices and distribution centers worldwide.

  • FOCUS Electronics GmbH, Leipzig, (Germany) Instruments for electron spectroscopy and surface analytics.



  • GaLa Instrumente GmbH, Bad Schwalbach, (Germany) Inexpensive table top plasma instruments. It can be used as a plasma cleaner, plasma etcher, plasma asher, plasma coater or for plasma surface modification - all in one instrument.

  • Gatan, (USA)

  • Gilder Grids, Grantham, (Lincolnshire, UK) Manufacturer of TEM specimen support grids in a wide reange of mesh designs and materials.

  • Glassman High Voltage, Inc., High Bridge, (NJ, USA) Designing solutions for high voltage power supply applications.

  • Gresham Scientific Instruments Ltd, Marlow, (Buckinghamshire, UK) Manufacturers and repairers of premium quality EDX. Gresham accepts detectors from all manufacturers for repair or upgrade. New detectors configured for any EDX system.



  • Halcyonics GmbH, Goettingen (Germany) Specialist in active vibration isolation. Provides scientists and researchers seeking a better vibration isolation for their experiments with active vibration isolation technology.

  • Hamamatsu Photonics K.K., Hamamatsu City, (Shizuoka Pref., Japan) Optoelectronic components and sytems - detectors and complete camera and image acquisition sytems for microscopy.
  • Heraeus Quarzglas GmbH, Kleinostheim & Munich, (Germany) Quartz producer serves customers in the chemical, plant and equipment construction, semiconductor and glass fibre industries.

  • Hirox, Closter, (NJ, USA) HiScope Video Microscopes. Maker of dedicated video microscope featuring 3-D Rotational Microscopy.

  • Hitachi, (USA)

  • Hitachi High-Technologies Canada, Inc., (Canada) Collaboration microscopy and semiconductor workflow solutions. Serving the scientific, industrial and semiconductor manufacturing community in Canada.

  • Hitachi High-Technolgies Europe, GnbH, Krefeld, (Germany) Scientific Instruments & Machnery, Industrial Instruments & Machnery Information Systems, Electronic Components, Electronic Material, ...

  • HiTek Power Littlehampton, (West Sussex, UK); Roedermark, (Germany) Designer and manufacturer of High Voltage Power Supplies ranging from 100V - 500kV & output power rating ranges from 1W - 40kW, providing complete solutions for a range of standard and custom OEM applications; manufacturer of high voltage sources for X-ray, electron/ion beams, photo multiplier, capillary electrophoresis, ...

  • HKL Technology Hobro, (Denmark) One of the leading companies in the electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD).

  • HTC (High Tech Consulting), Napoli, (Italy) Manufacturer of CO2 Microscope Stage Incubator, Time-Lapse Workstation assembly (Systems for Life Science), CO2 Microscope Cage Incubator, personalised hardware and software solutions for live cell imaging and Materials Science. It offers custom-made lab-equipment for biomedical research.

  • Hummingbird Scientific Olympia, (WA, USA) Producer of Custom TEM Sample Holders and Custom Engineered Systems for TEM, SEM and FIB.

  • HWL Scientific Instruments GmbH, Entringen, (Germany) Active Vibration Isolation Systems.



  • IATIA, Victoria, (Australia) Quantitative Phase Microscopy.

  • Image Metrology, Lyngby, (Denmark) Advanced image processing for easy and accurate measurements.

  • Image Solutions (IMSOL), Standish, (Wigan, UK) Integrators of complete microscopy systems for applications including high resolution digital imaging, time lapse fluorescence, ratiometric and photometric analysis, networked image archival and custom solutions.

  • Image Science Software GmbH, Berlin, (Germany) Specialised in advanced image processing of large and complex data sets.

  • Imagic Bildverarbeitung AG, Glattbrugg, (Switzerland) Software manufacturer for digital imaging.

  • Imaging Associates Limited, Thame (UK) Supplier for digital imaging systems.

  • IMP, Gauteng, (South Africa) Manufacturer and distributor of scientific and precision equipment: Biological Instruments, Industrial Testing Equipment, Analytical Equipment, Automation Solutions, IMP Calibration Services, Foundry Consumables, In-house Testing Laboratory.

  • Intraco Micro Ltd, Tachlovice, (Czech Republic) A complete new range of light microscopes includes biological, laboratory, educational, polarizing, inverted, metallurgical, fluorescence microscopes, stereomicroscopes, videomicroscopes combined with CCD cameras, image digitalization with PC, etc.

  • ISB - Budgetsensors Sofia, (Bulgaria) Offering high quality silicon SPM probes for Atomic Force Microscopes at an extremely competitive price level.

  • IXRF Systems, Inc., Houston, (Texas, USA) Easy to use high end microanalysis systems.



  • JEOL USA, Inc., Peabody, (MA, USA) Wholly owned subsidiary of JEOL, Ltd. of Akishima, Japan. Descriptions of the products, services, and a list of all the JEOL representatives around the World.

  • JEOL in Europe, European site of the Japanese manufacturer of advanced scientific instruments like electron microscopes, semiconductor inspection tools, NMR, ESR and mass spectrometers.

  • Jenoptik Laser, Optic, Systeme, Munich, (Germany) Major European optics company, supplies high resolution digital cameras with IEEE1394 link for high quality micro- and macrophotography in science and industry.

  • JPK, Berlin, (Germany) Scanning Force technology for soft matter and life science.



  • K.E.Developments, Cambridge, (UK) Design and production of high quality custom built DC-DC converters. The large range of products for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) includes detectors, surveillance equipment, and SEM accessories.

  • Kammrath & Weiss GmbH, Dortmund, (Germany) Special developments for all fields of microscopy with 30 years experience. IC-Testing: Pico-Prober Modules; Materials Testing: Tensile-, Compression-, Bending-Modules Cryo/Heating Sub-Stages, Specimen Stages, Sample Holder, Special Projects.

  • Kevex X-Ray, Scotts Valley (CA, USA) Solutions for x-ray applications to industry. The company offers a broad range of highly reliable products, including small spot size microfocus sources, high stability tubes and compact integrated x-ray sources.

  • Kinetic Imaging Ltd, Bromborough, (Wirral, UK) Supplier of the image acquisition and analysis software, including the world's most popular Comet assay system. Hardware includes a fast switching monochromator and instruments from Sutter, Prior, Conix, CRI, Hamamatsu and Princeton.

  • Kinetica Scientific Recruitment, Leeds, (Yorkshire, UK) Recruitment consultancy specialising in sales and marketing positions throughout the microscopy and imaging marketplace.

  • Kleindiek Nanotechnik, Reutlingen, (Germany) High precision micro and nano positioning systems.



  • Lab Essentials, Inc., Microscopes for educational, laboratory, and inspection applications, microscope accessories, and beginners' kits.

  • LabX, Midland, (Ontario, Canada) LabX.com is an internet-based media service that specializes in the sale of scientific equipment for medical and laboratory use, as well as a number of other industries.

  • Leica Microsystems, (Germany) International technology group specialized in designing and producing innovative solutions for the preparation, visualization, measurement, lithography and analysis of microstructures.

  • LOT-Oriel Ltd, (UK) Distributor of surface analysis, spectroscopy and imaging instrumentation.



  • MeCan Imaging Inc., Fujimino, (Saitama, Japan) Microscope adapters - selection of microscope & consumer digital camera adapters. Intended for DSLR, compact digital cameras, HD camcorders, C-mount cameras and more!

  • Meiji Techno UK Ltd, The Vineyard, Hillside, (Somerset, UK) Manufacturer of lines in the industrial, laboratory, and higher education markets (including microscopes, microscope accessories and products for image viewing and capture).

  • Mektech Inc., Toronto, (Ontario, Canada) Manufacturer of EDX microanalysis systems.

  • Micro to Nano Haarlem, (The Netherlands) Company is specialised in consumables and supplies for electron and scanning probe microscopy. Company offers unique, innovative and useful tools for microscopy sample preparation.

  • Microrealm Resources, Keasbey, (NJ, USA) Services offered: Forensic geology-mineralogy, Industrial microscopy (Pharamceutical, Chemical, Industrial Minerals), Expert testimony, Custom Microscopy Courses.

  • Microscopes America, Inc., Atlanta, (GA, USA) Company offers huge selection of Brand Name Microscopes at deep discounts, accu-scope, Ken-a-Vision, Jenco, Unitron, Ohaus, and more. They sell, service and repair for educational, public and private schools, colleges universities, hospitals & veterinarians.They also sale and service Balances.

  • Microscopes USA, Norcross, (GA, USA) Offering quality compound microscopes, stereo microscopes, and microscope cameras for industry, education, medicine and laboratories, and hobby. Discount prices!

  • Microstereopsis Corporation Ijamsville, (MD, USA) PC based digital 3D viewing and recording system for stereoscopic/surgical microscopes.

  • MikroMasch, Tallinn, (Estonia) Cantilevers and calibration gratings for SPM.

  • Milesco Scientific's - www.ProfessionalMicroscopes.com, Inver Grove Heights, (MN, USA) Provider of quality, affordable microscopes and educational supplies. Many types of Microscopes available.

  • Molecular Imaging, Corp. Tempe, (AZ, USA) develops and manufactures microscopy tools including Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) and Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) systems, accessories, probes, tips, cantilevers, software and data management for high resolution imaging in air or fluids under controlled temperature and environmental conditions.

  • MS MacroSystem, (The Netherlands) Interactive 3D scientific visualization with real time rendering for the measured or calculated data. Aimed for R&D in the field of scanning microscopy (SPM, AFM, STM, SNOM, NSOM, etc.) as well as 3D Laser Beam measurement.

  • MVIA - Digital Imaging and Image Analysis, (USA) Scientific grade digital cameras for microscopy, image analysis software (off the shelf and custom development), image analysis systems, and adapters for Nikon Coolpix to major microscope manufacturers.



  • Nanolane Montfort-le-Gesnois, (France) Nanolane develops and commercializes new optical solutions (Sarfus technology) for characterization at nanometer scale.

  • NanoMagnetics Instruments Ltd., Oxford, (UK) Manufacturer of Low Temperature Scanning Probe Microscopes(LT-SPM) down to mK and Scanning Hall Probe Microscopes at low and room temperatures

  • Nanonis Zurich, (Switzerland) Developer of laboratory equipment for nanotechnology research. The flagship product is a high performance control system for scanning probe microscopes.

  • Nanonics Imaging Ltd, Jerusalem, (Israel) Innovator of SPM and optically integrated SPM systems such as NSOM, SNOM, apertureless and scattering NSOM, AFM-Raman, tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS). Nanonics Imaging is characterized by new approaches such as NSOM imaging with cantilevered probes, multiple probe systems, combined tip and sample scanning capability, NSOM/AFM/Raman cryogenic systems, and NSOM/AFM/Raman systems compatible with SEM/FIB.

  • Nanoscience Instruments, Phoenix, (AZ, USA) Provides scanning probe microscopes and accessories in North America.

  • NanoSurf AG, Liestal, (Switzerland) Scanning probe microscopes (SPM) and positioning devices with nanometre resolution.

  • NanoWorld, Neuchatel, (Switzerland) Tips for Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), especially cantilevers for High Speed AFM

  • National A.T.E., Framingham, (Massachusetts, USA) Used and pre-owned scanning electron microscopes for sale.

  • Nikon Instruments (Europe), Badhoevedorp, (The Netherlands) Light microscopes and techniques.

  • Nion Co., Kirkland, (WA, USA) Specializes in advanced electron optics, especially the optics of very-high resolution electron microscopes.

  • Nissei Sangyo Co. Ltd, (Canada)

  • Norfolk Analytical Ltd, Hilgay, (Norfolk, UK) Innovative Digital solutions for Imaging and Microscopy.

  • Novascan, Ames, (IA, USA) Atomic force microscopes and accessories.

  • nPoint, Middleton, (WI, USA) Nanopositioning piezo stages for microscopy applications.

  • NT-MDT, Moscow, (Russia) Scanning Probe Microscopes and related accessories.





  • P. W. Allen & Co, Tewkesbury, (UK) Inspection & measurement.

  • Park Scientific Instruments, Sunnyvale (CA, USA) High quality scanning probe microscopes that operate with easy-to-use, Windows® based software.

  • Park Systems AFM Santa Clara, (CA, USA) Nanotechnology solutions provider for atomic force microscopy technology and AFM microscopes.

  • PDI Corporation, Redmond (WA, USA) Advanced imaging products for professional and commercial applications. Product lines include video capture and image processing products for both PC and Apple platforms. Many links to others imaging resources on the internet.

  • Pelco International, Redding, (CA, USA) Manufacturer and provider of electron microscopy, light microscopy and atomic force microscopy supplies and instruments, plus a wide range of laboratory equipment, chemicals and tools for everything from specimen preparation to imaging and archival storage.

  • Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology, Asslar, (Germany) Broad range of products and solutions for the generation, control and measurement of vacuum.

  • Philips Lighting Products include a full range of incandescent and halogen lamps, compact and normal fluorescent lamps, high-intensity gas-discharge and special lamps, fixtures, ballasts, lighting electronics and automotive lamps.

  • Piezo Stage Systems Madison, (WI, USA) Manufacturer of piezo stages for microscopy applications.

  • PixeLINK (a division of Vitana Corp.) Ottawa, (Canada) PixeLINK megapixel FireWire cameras offer excellent image quality and ease of installation at an affordable price.

  • PiXISION, Inc., Lakeville (CT, USA)

  • Plano, GmbH, Wetzlar, (Germany) Equipment for the electron microscope user.

  • Polaron Range (Quorum Technologies), East Sussex (UK) The Polaron range of SEM and TEM preparation equipment includes sputter coaters, carbon coaters, vacuum evaporators, critical point dryers, cryo-SEM stages, plasma barrel reactors and heater/chiller recirculators. Quorum Technologies also supports old EM preparation instruments with under the following brands: Polaron Ltd, Emscope, Fisons, Bio-Rad and VG.

  • Princeton Gamma-Tech, Rocky Hill, (NJ, USA) Supplier of microanalysis systems for X-ray and gamma-ray spectroscopy. Manufacturer of a full line of Si(Li) and germanium EDS detectors, analytical software, and a comprehensive image processing and analysis system.

  • Prior Scientific, Rockland, (MA, USA) Manufacturer of microscopes, fiber optic inspection instruments, microscopy accessories, precision motorized stages, motorized filter wheels, and custom optical systems.

  • Proscan, Penzing (Germany) High Performance Detector Systems for Imaging and Spectroscopy

  • ProSciTech, Thuringowa QLD (Australia) Supplies instruments, consumables and more. Huge on-line catalogue (prices shown and mostly include freight), also MSDS info and hundreds of links.

  • Protochips, Raleigh, (NC, USA) Developer of products for in situ electron microscopy to help researchers gather quantifiable and actionable data. Its products allow scientists to observe their sample dynamically using heat, electrical biasing and liquid.



  • Quesant Instrument Corp, Agoura Hills, (CA, USA) Manufacture of scanning probe microscopes

  • Quorum Technologies, Ltd., Newhaven, (East Sussex, UK) The Polaron range of Electron Microscopy sample preparation instruments was the originator of this industry. Quorum Technologies are continuator of this fine tradition.



  • Raith, Dortmund, (Germany) Elphy systems convert SEM / STEM / FIB instruments into nanolithography systems. Raith Escosy systems offer (CAD) navigation capabilities to your analytical instrument

  • Raytest, Straubenhardt (Germany) High quality instrumentation for imaging, for measuring nuclear radiation, for radio-chromatography, .... Expert service support.

  • Raith, Dortmund, (Germany) Attachment and system supplier for Nanolithography using electrons or ions. Tools and systems are used for R&D and small batch production.

  • Renishaw plc, Wotton-under-Edge, (Gloucestershire, UK) Solutions for industrial metrology and spectroscopy providing productivity improvements in manufacturing and research.

  • Röntec, See Bruker AXS Microanalysis, because of acquisition of RÖNTEC AG by Bruker AXS GmbH has been completed in 16.11.2005.



  • Safety Power Group Ltd, Guildford, (Surrey, UK) Range of programmable power supplies for Scientific equipment manufactures and International Reserch Estalishments.

  • Schaefer Technologie, Langen, (Germany) Scanning probe microscopy (AFM, STM, SNOM and other SPM methods, ..), LEED-/AES-Spectrometer (Surface crystallography measurement, quantitative element analysis).

  • Science Services GmbH Munich, (Germany) Company providing systems and materials for microscopy and ultracentrifugation. Science Services supplies over 12,000 products to scientific, medical and industrial laboratories throughout the globe.

  • ScienceGL, Quincy, (MA, USA) 3D scientific visualization with real time rendering and unique set of 3D interactive measurement tools. Advanced visualization of various 3D/4D data sets. Aimed for R&D in the field of scanning microscopy (SPM, AFM, STM, SNOM, NSOM, etc.) as well as 3D Laser Beam measurement.

  • Scientific Volume Imaging, Hilversum, (The Netherlands) Developers of the Huygens Software: high-quality restoration and analysis software for microscopy images. Available for Windows, MacOS X, Linux and Irix.

  • Sensofar, Terrassa, (Spain) Company operating at the highest quality standards within the field of non contact surface metrology, providing high-accuracy optical profilers based on interferometry and confocal techniques.

  • SKS Science, Watervliet, (NY, USA) Thousands of labware containers, closures, scales, balances and lab supplies, which are available in its online catalog.

  • SELA, Ltd., Sunnyvale, (CA, USA) Develops, manufactures and markets automated SEM and TEM sample preparation equipment for the semiconductor industry. SELA's proprietary MicroCleaving technology is unique in its ability to create precision cross-sections without water, chemical or mechanical contact, and to enable analysis of mirror images of a targeted feature.

  • SEMTech Solutions Norht Billerica, (MA, USA) Pre-Owned Reconditioned Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs). SEMTech Solutions is also an experienced service provider for AMRAY SEMs and a Manufacturer's Representative for various SEM accessories including EDS, and Digital Imaging products.

  • Set Point Technology, Sandton City, (South Africa) Manufacturer, supplier and operates specialised industrial, analytical and allied technological equipment used by a wide range of major industries.

  • Silicon-MDT Ltd., Moscow, (Russia) Producer of silicon cantilevers and calibration gratings for Scanning Probe Microscopes.

  • SkyScan, Aartselaar, (Belgium) Scientific instruments for non-invasive 3D X-ray microscopy inside opaque objects. Micro-CT, microtomography, tomosynthesis.

  • Smart Imaging Technologies, Houston, (Texas, USA) New concept of image processing tables makes image processing and analysis as easy and effective as adding numbers in a spreadsheet.

  • Soft Imaging System GmbH - SIS, (Germany) Specialist in the field of industrial and scientific Digital Image Analysis. Product range consists of different image analysis programs, 3d-reconstruction tools, image databases, device interfaces and extruded profile measurement software.

  • South Bay Technology, Inc., (CA, USA) Sample Preparation Equipment and Supplies for Metallography, Crystallography and Electron Microscopy.

  • Spellman High Voltage Electronics, Hauppauge, (NY, USA) Manufacturer of high voltage systems for X-ray, electron/ion beams, capillary electrophoresis, ...

  • SPI Supplies, West Chester (PA, USA) Manufacturers of sample preparation equipment and consumable supplies and accessories for microscopy and microanalysis laboratories including sputter coaters, plasma etchers, plasma cleaners and silicon nitride membrane windows for TEM and x-ray microscopy applications.

  • Sputter Targets (Emitech Ltd), Ashford, (Kent, UK) Sputtering Target Supplies. Low cost targets for laboratory coater systems.

  • ST Instruments, Sliedrecht, (The Netherlands) Distributor of surface analysis and imaging instrumentation.

  • S.T. Japan-Europe GmbH, Koeln, (Germany) Manufacturer of sampling accessories for analytical laboratories in industry, science and education. S.T. Japan-Europe has achieved to offer one of the largest and most comprehensive spectra database of FTIR, ATR-FTIR and Raman spectra.

  • Stanford Research Systems, Inc., Sunnyvale, (CA, USA) SRS manufactures a line of test and measurement instruments: Scientific Instruments, Test & Measurement Instruments, Time & Frequency Instruments, Vacuum Instruments, ...

  • Surface Imaging Systems GmbH, Herzogenrath, (Germany) Manufacturer of high quality, most versatile Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) components.

  • Surface Measurement Systems, London, (UK) World leader in automated instrumentation for the characterisation of sorption properties of materials.



  • TAAB Laboratories Equipment Ltd, Aldermaston, (Berkshire, UK) Manufacturer and supplier of equipment, chemicals and consumables for microscopy. Large printed catalogue or CD-ROM available on request.

  • Ted Pella, Inc, (Redding, Ca, USA) Manufacturer and distributor of supplies, consumables and specimen preparation equipment for microscopy. Specializes in TEM support films and membranes, coating equipment and SEM/FIB mounts and holders.

  • TELIGHT Brno, (Czech Republic) Telight is specialist in the field of instruments employing light optics, in particular, providing innovative types and solutions for light microscopy. The main products are holographic microscope Q-Phase for advanced live cell analysis and universal super-resolution platform LiveCodim.

  • TESCAN, Brno, (Czech Republic) Manufacturer of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment. The main products are Scanning Electron Microscopes, their modules and supplementary accessories.
    • Tescan USA Inc., Cranberry Twp., (PA, USA) Tescan USA is the exclusive distributor of Tescan scanning electron microscopes and accessories in the USA.

  • TEM Analysis, Fort Worth, (TX USA) Company specializing in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) of semiconductors (and other materials) for industry and academia.

  • ThermoMicroscopes, Sunnyvale, (CA, USA) Developer, manufacturer and seller of the broadest range of scanning probe microscopes covering applications for use in academia and industry - research, analysis and control laboratories.

  • Thermo NORAN, Middleton, (WI, USA) Source for materials analysis solutions - X-ray detector technology and software, microanalysis and EDXRF instrumentation. Kevex Instruments, Spectrace, and KevexSpectrace are now incorporated into Thermo NORAN’s business unit.

  • Tietz Video and Image Processing Systems GmbH, Gauting, (Germany) High-performance CCD camera systems for TEM. Image processing platform allows seamless integration into any type of microscope and flexible custom solutions for biological and materials science applications, e.g. automatic electron tomography.

  • TopoMetrix, Santa Clara (CA, USA)

  • Triple-O Microscopy GmbH, Potsdam, (Germany) Manufacturer of state-of-the art instruments for scanning probe microscopy.

  • TTZH Tribologie & Hochtechnologie GmbH, Garbsen, (Germany) Supplier of universal and special equipment for tribotesting, testing of greases, mechanical analysis of surfaces, tribomaterials (tungsten carbide, technical ceramics, PVD coating materials).



  • Union Biometrica E.S.O., Geel, (Belgium) Development of high-end image analysis software systems and automated microscopy systems for the industrial biological and pharmaceutical research.



  • Vac-Air Superstore Leeds, (West Yorkshire, UK) Supplier of vacuum pumps used within laboratories and hospitals, as well as other industries. Vac-Air Superstore supplies pumps, services contracts and spares parts as well as loan pump units.

  • VayTek, Inc., Fairfield, (Iowa, USA) VayTek provides digital imaging systems, including deconvolution software; 3-D volume visualization, measurement and presentation software; and digital control for microscope peripherals. VayTek specializes in integrated hardware and software systems for science, research, microscopy, and engineering.

  • VCR Group, Inc., (CA, USA) Manufactureres of the DIMPLER D500i, XLA2000 Ion Mill and the IBS/e Ion Beam Sputter Deposition and Etching System. Acquired by South Bay Technology, Inc. in 1999.

  • Vertilon Corporation, Westford, (Massachusetts, USA) Producer of multichannel high speed data acquisition systems for photomultiplier tubes in confocal microscopy and fluorescence microscopy.

  • VideoTesT, Saint-Petersburg, (Russian Federation) Image analysis solutions for life science (automated karyotyping with trainable classifier, FISH, CGH, sperm analysis, blood count), materials science (quality control, materials characterization, metallography: grain size, nonmetallic inclusions, graphite, microhardness ASTM, ISO, DIN, SEP), forensics medicine and art expertise. Unique in-house software products both for laboratory work and scientific research.

  • Vineon, Balik Pulau, (Penang, Malaysia) Supplier and developer of low cost digital imaging camera and image measurement and analysis software.

  • Vision Micro Systems, Kolkata, (West Bengal, India) Dealer and supplier of all types of Microscopes such as polarizing microscope, MEIJI research microscope, stereo microscope and metallurgical microscopes. Also dealer of IKA stirrer, shakers, dispensers, magnetic stirrer and all types of laboratory equipments.

  • VisiTec, Grevesmuehlen, (Germany) Manufacturer of the large chamber SEM. Non-destructive analyzing of turbine blades, implants, tools and flat panel displays.

  • Vitana Corporation, Ottawa, (Canada) Manufacturer of PixeLINK brand of megapixel FireWire cameras and video converters for scientific and industrial imaging.







  • ZygoLOT GmbH, Darmstadt, (Germany) 3D imaging surface structure analyzing microscope, distance and angle measuring interferometer system, accurate, repeatable and safe flatness measurements, medium-aperture interferometers and systems, mask metrology systems.



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