Microscopy Societies

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Worldwide, European, American, Asian and Other Federations and International Societies for Microscopy.

  • IFSM International Federation of Societies for Microscopy.

  • EMS European Microscopy Society

  • CIASEM The Interamerican Committee of Societies for Electron Microscopy


Aimed at Europe.

  • Australia (AMMS) Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society

  • Austria (ASEM) Austrian Society for Electron Microscopy

  • Belgium (RBSM) Royal Belgian Society for Microscopy

  • Brazil (SBMM) Brazilian Society of Microscopy and Microanalysis (Sociedade Brasileira de Microscopia e Microanálise - SBMM)

  • Canada (MSC) Microscopical Society of Canada

  • Croatia (CMS) Croatian Microscopy Society (Hrvatsko Mikroskopijsko Društvo)

  • Czech Republic & Slovakia (CSMS) Czechoslovak Microscopy Society

  • Germany (DGE) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektronenmikroskopie e.V.

  • Hungaria (HSM) Hungarian Society for Microscopy (Magyar Mikroszkópos Társaság)

  • France (FSM) French Society for Microscopy (Société Française des Microscopies)

  • Israel (ISM) Israel Society for Microscopy

  • Italy (SIME) Italian Society for Electron Microscopy

  • Netherlands (DSM) Dutch Society for Microscopy

  • Russia (RSSPMN) Russian Society of Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nanotechnology

  • Scandinavia (SCANDEM) Scandinavian Electron Microscopy Society

  • Singapore (MS(S)) Microscopy Society (Singapore)

  • Slovakia & Czech Republic (CSEM) Czechoslovak Society for Electron Microscopy

  • Slovenia (SSM) Slovenian Society for Microscopy (Slovensko društvo za mikroskopijo - SDM)

  • South Africa (MSSA) Microscopy Society of Southern Africa

  • Spain (SME) Sociedad de Microscopía de Espańa

  • Switzerland (SSOEM) Swiss Society of Optics and Electron Microscopy

  • UK (RMS) Royal Microscopical Society
    • EMAG Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group
    • Scottish Microscopy Group (SMG), Glasgow, (Scotland, United Kingdom) Integrated Microscopy Facility, Joseph Black Building Institute of Biomedical & Life Sciences University of Glasgow. Formed from the former microscopy groups of the 4 main Scottish cities, the SMG holds an annual 1 day meeting in November in one of the 4 city venues with a trade exhibition. Details on webpages.

  • USA (MSA) Microscopy Society of America
    • AIMS Arizona Imaging and Microanalysis Society
    • CMMS Chesapeake Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
    • CSMMS Central States Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
    • DMS Delta Microscopy Society Facebook:
    • IMS Iowa Microscopy Society
    • MMMS Michigan Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
    • MMMS Midwest Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
    • MMS Minnesota Microscopy Society
    • MSNO Microscopy Society of Northeastern Ohio
    • MSORV Microscopy Society of the Ohio River Valley
    • MSSEM Mountain States Society of Electron Microscopists
    • NCSM Northern California Society for Microscopy
    • NDIMS Notre Dame Imaging and Microanalysis Society
    • NESM New England Society for Microscopy
    • NYMS New York Microscopy Society
    • NYSEM New York Society of Experimental Microscopists
    • OMS Oklahoma Microscopy Society
    • PNMS Pacific Northwest Microscopy Society
    • PSM Philadelphia Society for Microscopy
    • SEMS Southeastern Microscopy Society
    • TSM Texas Society for Microscopy


Societies having a relationship with the microscopy.

  • EMAS European Microbeam Analysis Society.

  • SCUR Heidelberg, (Germany) Society for Cutaneous Ultrastructure Research

  • MAAFS (USA) Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists



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