Microscopy Information Resources

Information Resources

  • Antique Microscopes On this site you can view some of the antique microscopes in the collection of Allan Wissner. They date from the late 18th to the early 20th century.

  • Electron Microscopy Yellow Pages

  • ESEM Research Laboratory The aim of this Lab is to promote R&D in the field of ESEM, the results of which are available to the manufacturer and the scientific community.

  • iMicroscopes Miscroscope resource directory.

  • Medical Congresses A lot of interesting information about medical congresses and events for physicians/doctors.

  • Medical Register (MedicRegister.com) Manual compilation of medical suppliers enabling buyers to easily source manufacturers of medical equipment for cardiology, general surgery, urology and more. Site includes new projects, free magazines, jobs, news and events.

  • The Micro-Bus Site is dedicated to providing information, resources and images related to light microscopy.

  • Microscopy Advantage™ website An off-line resource for microscopy and microanalysis.

  • Microscopy and Analysis Diary of Events Full Diary of Forthcoming Conferences, Meetings, Workshops, Courses and Trade Exhibitions.

  • Microscopy and Imaging Resources on the WWW (NIEHS Center, University of Arizona College of Pharmacy) Include: general microscopy, histology, confocal microscopy, electron microscopy, digital imaging and a list of free publications of interest to microscopists.

  • Microscopy.Info the WWW information source on microscopes and microanalysis.

  • Microscopy Online The goal is to provide both the commercial and non-commercial microscopy communities with a forum for information exchange.

  • Microscopy Vendors Database WWW List, Alphabetic Index, Company Search, E-mail Search, New Products, ...

  • MicroWorld Resources And News

  • Software Related to Biological Microscopy Software for Reconstruction of Macromolecular Complexes, Cells and Organelles, Communication Packages, Image Handling & Analysis Tools, Visualization Software, Software for X-Ray Crystallographic Structure Analysis: Fitting and Docking, Remote Instrumentation.

  • Spectroscience: Microscopy and Spectroscopy Science Community Spectroscience provides updates on new methods and techniques for quantitative analysis, electron microscopes, x-ray systems, spectrometers and microscopes, by creating a virtual community of interested people.

  • WWW Virtual Library: Microscopy General & Education, Reference Sites, Labs, Organizations & People, Equipment & Technology, Applications & Topics, Techniques, Vendors & Other, ...


  • Foods Under the Microscope Understanding food microstructure helps to understand some of the important physical properties of foods such as elasticity or firmness and sensory attributes such as grittiness. Where optical microscopes do not provide sufficient resolution, electron microscopes and even atomic force microscopes open new views of the foo



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